I See You! I Am Here! Sawubona! Ngikhona!

I want you to see my flaws, as I thaw. Caught in your stare, I am bare,

Photo by mododeolhar on Pexels.com

You see me, the real me.
Your eyes create a bonfire, causing my innocence to expire. I’m lost at sea-No, I’m lost in ecstacy.

You see me raw, and my defences thaw.

I am never ready, nor able to get my heart to steady.
You’re a tidal wave gone look,defenses gone, and then it is you I crave.

Are you sure, that what you’re feeling is pure?

If you see me at my weakest, and when I’m at my bleakest. Or see me when I’m at my meanest, and especially when I’m at my sweetest.

To know in your heart this is what you want, I can seem to be nonchalant.

When we know, we’ll make sure to take it slow.

This innate passion will be long, and strong.

But we’ve got to be sure, because after tasting you, there will be no cure.

Poem, By MVM

About Amat Victoria Curam

Healing and personal growth with the help of Photography and Writing.