Let’s Try: Don’t Allow Fear to Become Your Profession (11)

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What blocks your ability to overcome your fears? For some of us, stress and anxiety rules our emotions. We all can do without anxiety and loss of courage. We all have to do something we don’t like sometimes. Yes of course this is quite easy fo me to say.  Yet, it is difficult to put into practice. Let us first familiarize ourselves with fear.

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How We know It is fear we are facing?

Here is a short list.

  1. Fear is a two-faced friend.
  2. It provides the best arguments.
  3. Fear steals precious time.
  4. Fear makes excuses.
  5. Fear consumes the mind.
  6. Fear makes you sick.
  7. Fear is stifling.
  8. Fear makes you complacent.
  9. Fear is overpowering.
  10. Fear ends once in a lifetime opportunities.

And I can go on….  Please make your own list.  It is therapeutic to actually think about what power fear has over you.

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How We Overcome Our Fears

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  1. Be honest about everything you have given up on.
  2. Ask yourself the tough questions you might have avoided, to get to the answers you need.
  3. Take time to establish your own personal thoughts and opinions.
  4. Establish your belief system (i.e. who and what you want to become.)
  5. Recognize each problem by making a list.
  6. Follow your own advice.
  7. Forgive yourself.
  8. Start again.
  9. Don’t give up.
  10. You owe it to yourself.
  11. What do you have to lose?
  12. Understand yourself, remember nothing is as it seems to be.
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Use Emotional Intelligence

  • Change self-defeating moods and attitudes.
  • Manage stress and anxiety.
  • Stay connected to what you feel as well as think.
  • Follow through on your hopes and dreams.
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Does stress, anxiety, depression or anger control you? Do you do or say things you know you shouldn’t, only to regret later? Are you disconnected from your feelings? These signs show that we need to work on building emotional intelligence.

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Our emotions matter. Studies show that emotion is at the heart of our psychological change. It is the skill to understand and identify your own emotions to relieve stress and anxiety. We can overcome challenges and realize personal goals. EQ matters as much as IQ.

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