Pray for Hurricane Victims

Hurricane – Poem by Juan Olivarez

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Once more a storm brews in the gulf, 
We see it time and time again.
The weather’s likely to turn rough, 
Thunder lightening wind and rain.

Every year in summers heat, 
The monster storms start their parade.
One after the other, they try to beat, 
Down all the things that man has made.

From the first of June, till November’s end, 
They threaten all along the coast.
They destroy, topple, maim and rend, 
Their power is no idle boast.


On pins and needles for half the year, 
Just waiting for the wind and rain.
The biggest monster we have to fear, 
Is the one they call a Hurricane.

6/28/10 Alton Texas 

Photo by Andree Brennan on

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