Life lesson: Meltdown 101

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Some studies find that we overestimate our degree of control in most situations. Reality almost always shatters our illusions. Nonsense (shit) happens. The kind of nonsense that brings you to a grinding halt. It can be traumatic or devastating. So much so that it takes away the happy we so meticulously accumulate.

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Some days present a significant test of some sort. Maybe tackling a lifelong setback or a problem that just keeps on growing. Whatever the problem, it has to be confronted.

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This test could take us to the brink of hell on earth or a total loss of self control. We might even have a meltdown.

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The first test of a promising day may arrive early. Sometimes an unexpected test renders a once promising day as miserable and undesirable . This takes away energy and might become emotionally ugly. We might became catatonic, frustrated and irritable. Most noticeable and strange for everyone.

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It would help if we could be provided with a prescription to cure each problem we face. Needless to say, a quick solution for a longstanding problem is never that simple. What’s worse, is not admitting that there is a problem in the first place. This cowardly denial allows the problem to strengthen

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Whatever the problem, go through it. Don’t go around it or pass it, face it bravely.

  1. Breathe, sleep or make some time to cool down.
  2. Start from the beginning and find the problem.
  3. Admit your part in its existence.
  4. Create a plan to overcome the problem.
  5. Carve out the time needed to solve the problem.
  6. Be aware of the price of failure.
  7. Accept nothing less than your best going forward.
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