Strength Means Nothing Without Faith

I remember this time in my life of extraordinary faith in myself and everyone else. Faith is the hope for anything one does not see or has not yet attained. Faith is also a tangible and palpable return for deeply believing or trusting in a reliable source for what we desire. The return is the gratification of receiving what one has so much desired. In other words, we receive the fulfillment of a promise given to us by a source from where our faith was selectively placed.

There was a time when the Twin Towers stood tall amid the New York City skyline. On September 11, 2001 (9/11) the Twin Towers were destroyed and the lives of almost 3,000 people along with them. To say the least, this was a very difficult time for everyone. Many of us were fortunate to visit New York before this tragedy. My visits to New York can be counted on one hand. I am proud that I have indeed captured the Twin Towers in person as well as securing this one and only photo while on a tour boat in New York City.


Crowds are not my bag, just saying. Because of the history and role of immigration and migration in New York, this boat ride wasn’t so bad . It was this view that made the boat ride worthwhile. This ferry was crammed full. From the boat ride, to a certain extent, I understood what immigrants may have experienced when migrating into New York City. They had the faith that their lives would be transformed to a better one. As you can see the vast differences of each tourist on this boat ride. Despite our diverse backgrounds we were consciously arrested and somehow immersed in an aspect of re-enacting a trip to receive the tangible and palpable reward that New York gives to us all. A land of concrete, spectacular views, extraordinary people and a better life that offers a new beginning.

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