Giving and Getting


Gifts, tokens or contributions take on many forms.  Money might just be the most popular one.  However mind-boggling , there are so many ways to give or receive. Let’s see.

Accepting gifts

Have you met someone,who as a rule, does not accept gifts?  If so, maybe they haven’t gotten the gift that he or she truly needs. Surely,everyone wants or needs something!  The essential question is what?

The Bottomline

To give or receive anything essential or invaluable is welcomed and beneficial making our lives incredibly worthwhile.

Types of giving

  1. Give money.
  2. Give away.
  3. Give your time and energy.
  4. Give attention.
  5. Give peace.
  6. Give respect.
  7. Give love.
  8. Give kindness.
  9. Give patience.
  10. Give forgiveness.
  11. Give acceptance.
  12. Give thanks.
  13. Give friendship.
  14. Give mercy.
  15. Give empathy.
  16. Give compassion.
  17. Give latitude or leeway.
  18. Give back.
  19. Give up.
  20. Give into.
  21. Give in.
  22. Give blessings.
  23. Give encouragement.
  24. Give unconditionally.
  25. Give hope.

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