The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The Good

When everything falls into place, we are happy, but when nothing works out, we are mostly devastated and sometimes destroyed.  Better yet, this outcome can be avoided or improved upon.

We are wonderfully made.  It’s how we work that begs our attention.  This might be a messy exercise, but every step we take towards it is a worthwhile endeavor.

It can help to find out why we do what we do.  Ultimately upon discovering more about ourselves, this enables us to chart and navigate a better course for what we desire in our lifetime.  There must be more to everything we do.  With this in mind, we might never settle for what is and will be.

The Bad

If it can be avoided, time must not be wasted.  The misuse of our time can ultimately undermine our future, hopes and dreams. To grasp the beauty, wonderful and manifold moments throughout our lifetime, as well as appreciate them is a tribute to our existence, simply because we hold the power in our own hands. Whatever we do or see, whether in the beginning, middle or at the end of our lifetime can be purposely received, unraveled or unwrapped, whatever the circumstances.  We are prompted to examine and inspire ourselves.

The Ugly

We could just envy others and just blame them for taking everything for themselves.  Honestly, envy is a troubling and vexing mindset.  To want what another has takes up much to much time and effort.  However, envying another is the easiest thing to do.

It’s much better to uncover the components of our preoccupation and steer ourselves purposely.  It’s useless to become discontented by coveting what others have already achieved.  We don’t entirely know how they acquired what they have!  Let’s set out with our desire driven goals fixated in our mind.

It’s extremely satisfying when establishing one’s own character, qualities, needs and much more, as they are made to fit.  Stay true to yourself!

About Amat Victoria Curam

Healing and personal growth with the help of Photography and Writing.