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  • A good story.
  • Satiable living.
  • The big picture.
  • Appreciate time.

A Yellow-crowned Night Heron & Lunch

A hunger pang led this Yellow-crowned Night Heron to a set down and walk in a very large garden. A secluded space with many delectable treats. It listened and heard many distinguishable sounds. So it followed a most familiar and desirable one. This venture paid off. The heron found a mature crab and caught it with one quick sweep. This fete provided a satiable meal.

Yellow-crowned Night Heron eating lunch

A Sated Drive

Satisfaction is an incredible find. It provides a beautiful and safe place to inhabit. Satisfaction makes us stronger, providing a happier state of mind. It provides an excellent vantage point through life. Like the Heron we are appeased by our successful efforts. Its knowing what is needed at the right time, then finding it. Then we can strut forward with the prize we have collected.

Yellow-crowned Night Heron eating lunch

Never Let Go of Stability

We think and act, but not always in that order. Foster a healthy mindset to establish a regimented life plan. The heron has made a truly great example. However, it’s not always this simple. We might be derailed or encumbered. Our experiences also teach us.

Listen and follow the most preferred and distinguishable sounds just like the heron did. Know what is needed at this time in your life. It takes effort and a determination to act for oneself.

Yellow-crowned Night Heron eating lunch

Time is Important

We have a past, present and future, a timeline. It dictates to us by dragging us along, or we appreciate it by mindfully contributing to it. Gratitude and appreciation makes us aware of our mortality. We grow older with time, but also growing wiser is a wonderful perk too.

Yellow-crowned Night Heron eating lunch

Enjoy every morsel of your time. The heron savored its feast and so can we!

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