Gull-like Birds: Laughing Gull

Gull-like birds spend much of their time in flight. All have long, pointed wings. Gulls, terns, gannets, and boobies are predominantly white, while frigatebirds are black. Most of these birds occur along seacoasts or on the ocean, but some of the gulls and terns are found on inland waters.



Description:   In summer the adult has a black hood and dark gray back and wings; hind edge of wing is white: wing tip is black, without white spots.

Voice: Loud, high-pitched.





Habitat: Salt marshes, bays, and estuaries. Very rare inland.

Nesting: 3 olive-brown eggs with dark blotches in a ground nest lined with grass and weed stems on sand or salt marsh.

Range: Maine to the Caribbean.

Very agile on the wing, Laughing Gulls easily catch bits of food tossed into the air. In winter they feed on beaches and in harbors.








Marcia Verleta

Marcia Verleta

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