Playing Possum Just Won’t Do

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Forgive me for I play possum,
Interrupt at their business is not my interest,
In my mind that was instilled,
By parents who cares, and terrors at rest.
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In riddles full of cues I acted dumb,
Oh boy, I tell you I’m not numb,
These ears need affirmations,
From your mouth, not just suspicions.

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Forgive me for I play possum,
Upset and annoy you are not my intentions,
Sometimes I just find it awesome,
Fleeing from duties and directions!

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I’m not treating you as squirt,
I just don’t want to pay heed,
That futile and stale creed,
Consumes you though it doesn’t need.



I forgive you for thinking,
That possum is still what I’m playing,
But now this puzzle is what I’m digging,
Give me some time in digesting,
For this mind is boggling,
Because that line keeps on playing!






Marcia Verleta

Marcia Verleta

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