Birdwatching: Yellow-crowned Night Heron

Yellow-crowned Night Heron :(Nycticorax violacea)

I have had the pleasure of seeing this bird quite often.  It is surprisingly friendly and fiesty too! Stay friendly, quiet and a good distance to keep this bird near you. It will come very near you if it trusts your intentions.




Medium-sized heron. The adult is slate-gray with black head, white cheeks, yellowish crown and plumes, black bill, and orange legs.  The Immature birds are grayish, finely speckled with white above.




Quawk with a high pitch.


Wooded swamps and coastal thickets.  These photos were taken in a big open yard, nicely arrayed with hedges, tall and leafy trees.


4 or 5 pale blue-green eggs in stick nest in trees or on the ground. They are sometimes singly or in small colonies with other herons.


Massachusetts to Florida and west to Texas, Middle and South America and West Indies.




Marcia Verleta

Marcia Verleta



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