Tim Smith

Eclipse Of The Moon

Tonight I searched the starry skies
looking for the moon
In the umbra of the Earth
it’s lunar limbs were strewn
Rays of light were dripping
reflecting off the sea
A glimpse of heaven was what I saw
shining down on me
I hadn’t seen such a sight
since your vision in my dreams
Those soft brown eyes

that killer smile

hair flowing like the streams

In the distance a falling star

is sparkling in the night

I close my eyes and make a wish

that one day you’ll be in my sight

we’ll sing and dance

under the starlit skies

holding each other tight

as we gaze in each other’s eyes

when the night does come

and all our dreams come true

You’ll be my forever, everlasting,

evermore, just me and you


About Amat Victoria Curam

Healing and personal growth with the help of Photography and Writing.