Birdwatching: Green Heron

This bird is a regular to my backyard, the neighbor’s fence and dog house, as well as the nearby bushes in the marshes and pond. It cackles and clucks as it searches. It’s like an old friend. However, my four cats are the ever present enemies. Fortunately only one has any interest in pursuing birds.

Livvy Catherine raced to get the camera for these shots.  A most patient bird as it assesses everything carefully. This Green Heron allowed Livvy to zero in as it moved cautiously through the bushes. She had the pleasure of photographing it without it flying away.  It just moved continuously. Obviously, it was searching for its next meal. Its mate was nearby as we heard the relentless conversation whilst they kept track of each other.



By Livvy Catherine


By Livvy Catherine



By Livvy Catherine





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