Free Things Speak to Me

What speaks to you?




Life does not always give you what you want,

sometimes life is unfair, when you seem to be going through a rough path,

When the zeal of life fades away,

When no new springs of life emerge, a dark cloud hangs above you, just remember we all go through this,

What you touch breaks and what you make crumbles,

Life is a two way street, you’re not alone, never quit when the journey has just began,

Never throw in the towel, life is up and down, we never always get what we want,

The best things in life are free, and if you want the finest things in life you have to go out there and get them,

The music may stop but life goes on, every new day is a challenge, the worst failure is never trying,

When we fall short of our dreams and aspirations, hope is the only message that carries us though the day,

Hope that there will be a better tomorrow

Hope that the grass is greener on the other side,

Hope that the dark clouds will move away,


Copyright © Mash Mulla | Year Posted 2013

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