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I want to learn you as get to know you and understand you.
Just teach me how to love you they say that Men are simple creatures that their easy.

“Remind yourself that past and future have no power over you. Only the present—and even that can be minimized. Just mark off its limits. And if your mind tries to claim that it can’t hold out against that…well, then, heap shame upon it.”

Anhinga anhinga Everyone should meet the Anhinga. A long-tailed, long-necked swimmer of cypress swamps, rivers and wooded ponds. Often seen perched on a limb above the water, with its wings half-spread to dry. Or the Anhinga is sometimes swimming with only head and neck above water. They are often seen in waterways, often mistaken for […]

If I Could Write You A Poem… By M.V.Marcks It would include links to a few great songs: “Before I Let Go” You make me happy, this you can bet, yeah You stood right beside me, yeah, and I won’t forget And I really love you, you should know I want to make sure I’m […]

Anas fulvigula Duck-like birds are usually seen swimming. Many of the male ducks are distinct in bold patterns. While female ducks dress in modest grays and browns. Notice the dark-body with creamy face to ensure that this duck is not a Mallard or Black Duck . The male Mottled Ducks have bright yellow biills, females […]

I’m Not Perfect by Matty Angel I’m not perfect…I make mistakes all the time, I say sorry when I can Try to accept when I’ve wronged. I do my best with forgiveness, Letting go of the past… I love all I can And treat each person as a treasure I don’t mean to be this […]

The White Ibis

Some birds mind their own business, unless necessity demands coexisting with the others. The White Ibis are often seen secluded or positioned at a far distance.

Sometimes forages in dry fields and shallow waters.
It stands still waiting for prey to approach.
Last young to hatch may starve.

Common Gallinule (Gallinula galeata) Family to Rails, Gallinules and Coots. Active and colorful are great descriptions for the Common Guillinule. It is a noticeable and attractive bird. The Common Gallinule has other names: Moorhen American Moorhen Laughing Moorhen Common Moorhen Florida Gallinule Black Gallinule They are never far from water, swimming and picking at the […]

Kelp Gull, Larusdominicanus The Kelp Gull is not easily detected in a crowd of laughing gulls. It blends in perfectly. This gull is noticeably larger than the laughing gulls. Obviously this is an immature gull. They are known to wander. The Kelp Gull forages on land or in water, rarely in the air. It feeds […]

BY MARIE PONSOT Born: April 6, 1921, Brooklyn, New York, United States Died: July 5, 2019, NewYork–Presbyterian Hospital What women wander?Not many. All. A few.Most would, now & then,& no wonder.Some, and I’m one,Wander sitting still.My small grandmotherBought from every peddler Less for the ribbons and laceThan for their scentOf sleep where you will, Walk out when you want, chooseYour bread and […]

Music spirits us away without anyone ever really noticing. Music is magic. If the musical power is strong enough any life form can be transformed. A look into the listener’s eyes will give you some clues. Music creates good or bad moods. It spirits us away to a personalized space, based on our state of […]

I remember this time in my life of extraordinary faith in myself and everyone else. Faith is the hope for anything one does not see or has not yet attained. Faith is also a tangible and palpable return for deeply believing or trusting in a reliable source for what we desire. The return is the […]

Giving Gifts, tokens or contributions take on many forms.  Money might just be the most popular one.  However mind-boggling , there are so many ways to give or receive. Let’s see. Accepting gifts Have you met someone,who as a rule, does not accept gifts?  If so, maybe they haven’t gotten the gift that he or […]

The Good When everything falls into place, we are happy, but when nothing works out, we are mostly devastated and sometimes destroyed.  Better yet, this outcome can be avoided or improved upon. We are wonderfully made.  It’s how we work that begs our attention.  This might be a messy exercise, but every step we take […]

A good story. Satiable living. The big picture. Appreciate time. A Yellow-crowned Night Heron & Lunch A hunger pang led this Yellow-crowned Night Heron to a set down and walk in a very large garden. A secluded space with many delectable treats. It listened and heard many distinguishable sounds. So it followed a most familiar […]

           It was almost time to wrap up a bird-watching day.  However, just as we were about to leave the boardwalk a Pied-billed Grebe crossed under the bridge just in time for me to take another amateur photo. Still I just couldn’t get a good shot until I saw why it glided to a well-protected […]

The Ugly And The Beauty In Real Life © Jose Cruz Published: November 2007 Betrayal Love Loyalty Respect These all part of real life. All part of everyday life. Part of the life we live. Part of life that shall never change. Real life is no game. Real life is dangerous. Real life brings pain. […]

The Muscovy duck head is very unique. The facial ‘mask’ will be a dark red/blackish color – the caruncles grow slowly and the male will develop them before the females.

By Emily Dickinson “Hope” is the thing with feathers – That perches in the soul – And sings the tune without the words – And never stops – at all – And sweetest – in the Gale – is heard – And sore must be the storm – That could abash the little Bird That […]

Scan the edges of shallow water, particularly where there is adjacent emergent vegetation or overhanging bushes or trees, for this fairly inconspicuous heron. You’ll typically see them only in ones and twos, although they may gather with other herons and egrets, particularly at times when a school of small fish has become trapped in shallow water

No wonder the Mute swan population is still increasing as these are aggressive birds. I know, I got nipped on the wrist because my long-sleeved blouse looked as white as the bread that I fed them. But of course, that nip was to get the bread in my hand and startled me without any injuries.  […]

This just might be the most comfortable stance this crow allowed me to see.  I barely could find the opportunity to get in easy shots of this extremely intelligent bird.  Nevertheless we kept on trying, with success. It is a spy that does not like to be spied upon.  Of course, who likes to be […]

Palm Warbler – Poem by Barry Middleton they are like featheredover active children the way they dart aboutbobbing their dun tails they never sit for a secondtheir song is high and faint a cheeping that soundsyellow like their breast they dart away from mein a naughty guilty panic caught stealing pine nutsashamed and a bit […]

I have always believed this bird to be mystical and magical.  This idea comes to me from its behavior.  Always on guard and alert, never at ease and out in the open.  It seldom ventures out in the open to be seen. I can’t recall every seing the White-crowned pigeon as much as I do […]

The thought was that she would be gone before I could get a close up, parking too close by then making her fly off in a panic, but she stayed still and focused on her business. Spell bound by her beauty I bustled and fumbled in a panic to get a good photo. 

  Very similar to Lesser Scaup in plumage; best separated by careful study of head and bill shape. Males have black breast, medium gray back, white sides, and yellow eye. Head appears black with a greenish sheen in good lighting, never purplish.  Females are brown overall, grayer on body in winter, with white patch at […]

Shorebirds have a unique combination of physical and behavioral characteristics that help us in their identification. Shorebirds are birds specially adapted to live in open land and often near water. Most shorebirds are migratory. Shorebirds are international travelers that link people and places. Learning about representative species of shorebirds and their ecology can help us […]